We're excited to share that we have a $500,000 matching gift opportunity.

If we can raise $500,000, a generous donor has agreed to match that amount, meaning we will receive $1,000,000 to help us fight this War on Hunger. We've already raised $282,017.08 which is automatically doubled thanks to our matching donor... but we're not finished.

With your help, we can raise another $217,982.98 that will be matched, which will have double the impact on hunger in our community.

With 40.0% of children not knowing where there next meal is going to come from, we need your help. Please give now and join this War on Hunger.

*If your employer matches your donations, then you have the opportunity to quadruple your giving!


Yuma Community Food Bank Capital Campaign

Dear Yuma Community Food Bank Friend

Imagine you are a single mom who has been raising four kids. You go to work every morning for a paycheck to be able to provide for those you love. One morning, you arrive at work to learn of unexpected corporate cutbacks. Much to the dismay of your boss, you are laid off. As you drive home, a thousand thoughts are running through your head. What are you going to tell your children? How are you going to put food on the table every night? This is an unfortunate scenario that many face in Yuma County. In fact, approximately 40.0% of children are Food Insecure in Yuma County. For over 36 years, the Yuma Community Food Bank has been working diligently to provide food to those who NEED it.

heart-plateMoms, Dads, Grandparents and more enter the Yuma Community Food Bank every day. In fact, over 24,000 people are served each month. What they find upon entering is a warm, comfortable environment where they are treated with respect. There are vast differences in their backgrounds and situations, yet they have an important connection: They are desperate to feed their family.

And the Yuma Community Food Bank has a sense of urgency to make that a reality. Last year, we distributed over 9 million pounds of food; 5.7 million of this was fresh produce. And we take it even one step further. Imagine a child who eats only at school, not at home. What happens to those kids when they leave on Friday? The Yuma Community Food Bank could not sit back and wonder. We now distribute backpacks filled with food to children in East and South County on Friday to ensure those children are not hungry over the weekend. YCFB has doubled the number of children served in one year's time. We are now serving 750 children weekly, which is nowhere near meeting the needs in the county. In addition to providing food to Yuma families directly, the Yuma Community Food Bank is a resource to 16 active local non-profit agencies by providing food. These agencies are then able to distribute the food to even more Yuma families in need.

The Yuma Community Food Bank is continuing the capital campaign, "Step Up to the Plate" to raise 1.5 million dollars to ensure we can continue to serve the Yuma community. "The Plate" is a symbol of the stories of those who go to the Food Bank for food. Our customers will often write thank you notes or explain why they are there on simple white paper plates. The simple white plates serve as an authentic campaign symbol for two reasons: 1) These messages are the core of why the employees, the board, volunteers and the donors do what we do every day. 2) The goal is simple, just like the plates.

The goal is to feed those who are hungry. And that is exactly what the Yuma Community Food Bank does.
We are leading the War Against Hunger in Yuma.

As one can imagine, logistics and infrastructure need to be solid to distribute millions of pounds of food annually. The Yuma Community Food Bank is constantly assessing how we can do this in the most efficient and effective way. With thirteen employees, the ratio of employee to customer is one employee to every 1,846 customers monthly. That is a daunting number. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly to meet the needs of our community.

The goal of this campaign is not to put a band-aid on the problems the Food Bank faces, but to create an efficient, business-minded strategy to ensure the long term sustainability of the Yuma Community Food Bank. The time is now. Those strategies need to be implemented immediately to meet the rising needs of this community.

Would you please consider "Stepping Up to the Plate?" Their handwritten messagesare clear. With your help, the Yuma Community Food Bank will continue to answer them daily by providing food for those in need.

Yuma Community Food Bank Board Members & Staff

Will you Step Up to the Plate?


Match Donor Program:

As a match donor, you would pledge to give up to a certain dollar amount (specified by you) to match the Yuma communities' donations pledged by December 31, 2014. Match donors will be included in the artwork to be commissioned at the end of the campaign.

We ask that match donors sign a pre-written note asking the business community to join them in helping to feed Yuma families. These notes will be given to Yuma business owners throughout the campaign. Match donors will then receive notes throughout the campaign naming those businesses that have joined the match donors by


"Stepping Up to the Plate." Business Donations:

Businesses have the opportunity to join the match donors by donating to the "Step Up to the Plate"capital campaign. Businesses who donate $10,000 or more will be included in the artwork to be commissioned at the end of the campaign.

We will send notes throughout the campaign letting the match donors know who have joined them by "Stepping Up to the Plate."


Community Donations:

Local businesses have an opportunity to share the "Step Up to the Plate" campaign with their customers. Campaign signs and paper plates will be provided. This portion of the campaign will rally the community by asking individuals to write messages to those in need and donate to the YCFB capital campaign. Signed plates and donations will be picked up weekly.


"Step Up to the Plate" Partners:

Have you been looking for a way to give back to the community? Have you been looking for an opportunity to teach your child how to pay kindness forward? Here is your chance. Become a Plate Partner by committing to distribute 500 blank plates to your friends, family and colleagues. They have an opportunity to write a heartfelt message to those in need as well as to donate $10 to the "Step Up to the Plate" campaign.


"Fill Your Plate" Club:

We want every business in Yuma to sign up and "Fill their Plate" for 1 hour at the Yuma Community Food Bank. Bring your employees during your lunch hour and we will put them to work. They will get a quick rundown on the massive amount of work done at the Yuma Community Food Bank. They will have an opportunity to pitch in for a few minutes and will learn about the basic needs of our community. We have 312 slots to fill. Would you be willing to fill one?

Match donors and business donors donating $10,000 or more will be included in the campaign artwork to be commissioned at the end of the campaign.

The idea behind the artwork is to showcase Yuma and what Yuma is really about."Stepping Up to the Plate" to help those in need. This artwork will be a constant reminder to the community that it is our responsibility to give back to a community that gives so much to each one of us.

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