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"I've been diagnosed with cancer and am unable to pay all the medical bills. I have four collection agencies that constantly call me for money. I was laid off from work and now that I have to go thru treatment for chemo/radiation therapy it will be much longer before I can even begin to look for work. Thank you so very much."


June 2012

Our local community food bank has helped our family at a time which we lost our 4 month old baby. With the expenses of the funeral and all and no cash to buy food, I wouldn't know what I would have done without the Parker Food Bank.
God Bless


Monday May 7, 2012

The reason I come to the Food Bank sometimes is because i haven't found a job. I'm a full time student and sometimes don't have enough money for food. Right now it is so hard at home. So the food I receive helps me. I really appreciate the Food Bank and what they do for us...the people of Yuma... We appreciate it! Thank You. Anonymous


Friday April 23, 2012

When we felt that everything was lost after struggling to do all that was possible for our family, a small ray of hope emerged when a stranger, who saw us digging through a dumpster to find food for our children, told us about the Yuma community Food Bank. We walked there in good faith and it was closed. We came back the next day and they were an answer to our prayers.

Thank you and god bless. Anonymous


April 19th, 2012

I am an ex-air force single mother with two small kids that moved to Arizona to bring my kids closer to family. The economy has made my job as a parent very hard but the Food Bank has taken stress off me. I get fresh vegetables and some fruit that my children would not otherwise be getting. Thank You....Anonymous


April 18th, 2012

We are a single income family, struggling with all of our other bills. It has been hard to find money for food lately and often times we go without. My husband is also going to school, while working. It is difficult to find work that pays enough to cover the child care expenses and we have no family in town to help. Anonymous


April 17, 2012

The Food Bank program is a great help to people who need it. Everything is expensive and there are times when you can buy the necessities but you don't have enough for vegetables, fruits or snacks for the children. Sometimes seniors don't have enough to buy what they need. My husband has a pension but it's not much. The food we receive helps us greatly. Thank you to all the people who make this assistance possible.... Anonymous


April 13th, 2012

I lost my job and with the economy so low there is only about 1% out 100% getting hired. I need help and the Food Bank always helps me and my family when we are in need of food. I thank the Yuma Food Bank because there are times when I really need them. It's sad to say that in Yuma County there are more people that need assistance that there are jobs. Anonymous


April 12, 2012

I am grateful for the food bank. The year 2011 and so far in 2012 has been a crisis for my family and myself. When everything seemed to be a grey horizon, a friend brought me to you (Yuma Community Food Bank). I remember when I came home with the food that you had very kindly given us, my youngest daughter (8 years old) said "Daddy, the refrigerator is finally full" You can only image the joy that you gave my family. God Bless You....Anonymous.


April 11, 2012

I'm 29 years old and have a 10 year old daughter who has had 13 surgeries and preparing for another this summer. She has a tumor on the side of her face and a paranol cyst on her spine thats growing. I lost my job due to staying home to take care of her from her surgeries. We live off my husbands income. Medical bills have put us so far in debt we had to file bankruptcy. We have a 12 year old, 4 year old and a new baby who is 7 months old and has gastric issues and allergic to milk protein. so she's on prescription formula that cost $75 per can. The Food Bank helps us with food when we are barely making ends meet. With what they give us helps me prepare meals at home when we know we don't have enough money for food......Anonymous.

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